About Us

Zonex is one of the leading  brands in adhesives and automotive products.Since the launch of Zonex we have been working very hard to pro-bide out customers with top quality products.we keep our standards very high and hence are able to deliver better and innovative products to our customers.

Zonex products are of utmost quality and can stand any test and scrutiny.Our mission is to maintain the highest quality and standards which is proven by customers satisfaction,referrals,and repeat business. Ga-inning trust & exceeding customers expectation is our motto.

Zonex has a wide range of products like Power Super Glue, Power Bonds, Color Spray, Pvc tapes and many more.

Mission Statement

Zonex providing quality products and services since 1967. Our Mission to maintaining the highest quality products and standards proven by customer satisfaction, referrals, and repeat business. Gaining trust & exceeding customer’s expectations is at the heart of our organization.